About Us

Grab your deals on all categories in our marketplace Shopsection, which is proposed and designed to user friendly. Shop Section began its journey in 2011 with a team of proposals. It started to attain attention from e-commerce users for its comfort and accessibility. Not only the customers but the dealers also attained their profit on this platform.

Initially, Shop Section came up with exclusive Samsung products for almost four years. The customers well-received this platform as the service was worthwhile. Shop Section concentrated much on retail showrooms, which made this platform busier. After receiving a good response and support from the users, Shop Section introduced different category products, including own-brand dresses and other electronics.

Shop Section is a leisurely platform for other dealers with fewer commission fees. We concentrate on taking the brands to the next level of promotion with affordable needs. Shopsection is not only for its own brand but also open to other dealers.


Corporate Orders or product clarifications, please call us